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The Other Side of You


‘'Vickers is a novelist in the great English tradition of moral seriousness. Her characters suffer, they struggle to be true to both themselves and the promptings of the human heart. If you enjoy the work of Marilynne Robinson, Penelope Fitzgerald, James Salter or Anita Brookner, you should be reading Vickers. All these authors reflect with grace and gravity on life’s moments of sorrowful epiphany.’
Michael Dirda, Washington Post

"A tender, wise and beautifully subtle narrative about the relationship between a psychiatrist and a woman patient. "There's no cure for being alive", remarks one character; yet despite its exploration of deep psychic damage, the book ends on an unfashionably hopeful note'” —Terry Eagleton,  “Books of the Year,”
The Times Literary Supplement

"Love and pain, death and life, self knowledge and insensibility—all these big, vital themes converge in this moving, utterly engrossing novel.”
Elena Seymenliyska, The Guardian

"The writing is so good and the structure so skilful that Vickers manages to make delicate and difficult notions vivid. Her territory is the faultline along which memories of loss are experienced by an individual both as integral to their identity and as constraints on their engagement with the present."
John de Falbe, Spectator

"Vickers’ astute descriptions of jealousy, passion and grief shift seamlessly from one character to another in the present without faltering. In her experienced hands the characters are complex without being contrived. Vickers has turned a thwarted romance in to a serious page-turner.”
Kate Riordan, Time Out

"There is something rare and special about Vickers as a novelist. In exploring the connections between faith and imagination, art and redemption, religion and science in an intelligent, unusual but very readable way, she manages to touch something buried deep in all of us. It gives her work a compelling quality.”
Peter Stanford, Independent

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