Salley Vickers
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Not the End

Vickers, not as a Catholic, tries to open the reader's mind to what lies beyond the veil cast by everyday life; this works on several levels in the course of the teasing story : nothing is quite what it seems. Life- and indeed death - offer continuous surprises.
The strength of this novel lies in the way it broadens the reader's perspective on the mystery of existence. The characterization of the two women is subtle, charming, and utterly convincing: human beings, Vickers shows us, are not static, but dynamic realities, constantly growing and changing, never standing still. Life is a flux, a continuing story of development that leads us ever deeper into the heart of light.

Mysterious, light of touch, but also unnervingly profound, Vickers is a writer whose insight can only thrill the modern reader, longing as he or she does for the truths that always seem to lie tantalisingly beyond our grasp. This novel brings them close; it represents a considerable and enticing achievement.

David McLaurin Catholic Herald, 14/11/01.

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