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Booksellers’ praise for Mr Golightly’s Holiday:

‘From the moment Mr Golightly in his Morris Traveller arrives in the small Dartmoor village for his holiday, I was enthralled. Like Mr Golightly, I was immediately drawn into the everyday life of Great Calne, and so absorbed in the village characters that I quite forgot to try and solve the mystery surrounding Mr Golightly’s identity. Having realised who he was and finished the book, I did what every reader of this book should do – turn straight back to the beginning and read it again with fresh insight.’
Mary James, Aldeburgh Bookshop, Aldeburgh

‘Readers of Salley Vickers’ novels will be charmed and enthralled by the curious, comic and ultimately moving story of Mr Golightly’s Holiday. As pleasurable as its predecessors, this is a compelling novel, rich in character and narrative, which explores the big questions of life with wit and subtlety.’ Naomi Nile, Waterstone’s, Bristol University

‘An exquisite book of subtlety and compassion. Mr Golightly’s Holiday challenges the humanity of spirituality and the spirituality of humanity in an intriguing and ultimately unique way.’ Justine Lord, Heffers, Cambridge

‘An astonishingly entertaining read for all ages and genders. Great plot, great twists and great characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this humorous yet thought-provoking tale and I recommend it to everyone at every opportunity.’ Chris Townsend, Waterstone’s, Cribbs Causeway

‘Dividing her time between the West Country and Venice, Salley Vickers’ love of these surroundings shines through in her novels. Her latest, Mr Golightly’s Holiday, is set on Dartmoor where she contemplates a theme few authors would dare attempt.’ Lynda Pritchard, Waterstone’s, Chester

‘Intricately plotted and in Vickers’ distinctive style, Mr Golightly’s Holiday is magical – easily as charming as Miss Garnet’s Angel, its illustrious predecessor.’ Emma Strickland, Waterstone’s, Chichester

‘Witty and light of touch, Mr Golightly’s Holiday confirms Salley Vickers’ reputation as a most original novelist.’ Maria Dickernson, Eason’s, Dublin

‘A brilliantly written piece of fiction – a worthy successor to Miss Garnet’s Angel.’ Kevin Breen, Ottakar’s, Dundee

‘Salley Vickers writes wonderfully. Mr Golightly’s Holiday is a beautifully crafted tale of love and loss; and in Mr Golightly she has created an endearing, and enduring, character, whose warmth and humanity fill the book with a profound sense of joy and, ultimately, optimism.’ Helen Rawlings, Waterstone’s, Durham

‘With Mr Golightly’s Holiday, Salley Vickers evades classification by bravely introducing philosophical issues with beguiling subtlety and ease. In the novel, Vickers offers us not a perspective on, but rather makes us aware of, ‘‘the awful choice’’ we face in living the ‘‘drama’’ of our own lives. By mixing elements of the comic and the tragic in this entertaining allegory, we see that even though some matters are beyond our control it is up to our own sense of freedom to make sense of such things.
Vickers writes in an immensely readable and enjoyable way and with this book she is sure to appeal to a wide audience. No subject is more profound than the existence of good and evil and how we choose to encounter it, and this charmingly seductive book entices us to be aware that we are the source of our own redemption.’ Simon Ward, Ottakar’s, Edinburgh

‘Enigmatic and multi-layered, with a deftly written denouement which serves only to heighten the sense of mystery.’ Robert Topping, Topping & Co., Ely

‘Salley Vickers’ third novel blends the domestic and the cosmic in a wholly original and satisfying way. The life of the village and its cast of lively characters are described with clear-sighted compassion and humour. Her light touch makes the book immensely readable. It has a contemporary feel, while at the same time tackling that most profound and eternal of mysteries – the true nature of love.’ Graham Hamblin, Waterstone’s, Romangate, Exeter

‘A stellar novel.’ Saber Khan, Pan Bookshop, London

‘Salley Vickers has the ability to combine philosophical musings with laugh-out-loud passages of witty observation. With Mr Golightly’s Holiday, her third novel, she confirms her place as one of our most interesting writers.’ Ann Waller, Ottakar’s, Gloucester

‘This thought-provoking novel is a really compelling read. A convincing cast of characters and an enigmatic enemy make for an engaging tale. Once started I couldn’t leave it alone and everything else got put on the back burner.’ Becky Robinson, Ottakar’s, Guilford

‘Mr Golightly’s Holiday is a fascinating look at how the world has changed through the eyes of someone who feels extremely left behind by modern society. It is thoughtful, witty and ultimately surprising.’ Isla Dawes, Kew Bookshop, Kew
‘Even as I was reading it, Mr Golightly’s Holiday seemed to defy my attempts to say what it was about or how it should leave me feeling. The novel seems to recognize that life is lived both inwardly and outwardly. The idea of good and evil, happiness and sadness, blends throughout the novel, and leaves the ending bittersweet too. These are huge themes – but it is a light and readable novel too, with as many layers, or as few, as a reader cares to find – a bit like life, really.
P.S. It is true – Bibles are on the bottom shelf in WHS. I should know – I work there!’ Angela Pettit, W.H. Smith, Leeds

‘With a plethora of characters, the complex storyline unfolds beautifully. An enchanting story with a very clever twist.’ Deborah Queen, Ottakar’s, Lincoln

‘Mr Golightly’s Holiday is an enchanting modern fable which is executed with the understated panache which characterises Salley Vickers’ work. This is a gentle and profound social comedy which is both captivating and mysterious, peopled with brilliantly realised characters with a depth that has only been achieved by a few novelists. I can only congratulate Salley on this wonderful third novel and wait with baited breath for the next one.’ Chris McNeill, Waterstone’s, Ludgate Circus, London

‘A terrific book, perfectly soap opera in its gripping style with this delicious idea, of someone you wouldn’t expect visiting a small English village, built into the plot with sublime skill. The prose is poetic and beautiful but also very accessible and the book is, crucially, non genre or gender specific. Vickers can write equally well for fans of Jane Austen or Nick Hornby. A great ending.’ Phillip Smedley, Ottakar’s, Norwich

‘This book is a wonderfully humorous reflection on morality and religion as the reclusive Mr Golightly retreats to a sleepy Dartmoor village to rewrite his magnum opus for the twenty-first century. A beautifully crafted tale of human nature.’ Emma Jepson, Waterstone’s Piccadilly, London

‘One of my favourite writers – Vickers – has brought out her third novel. It is breathtaking. The characters are a world away from Miss Garnet’s Angel but even more fascinating and real. The story itself has amazing scope and depth – spellbinding reading!’ Rebecca Grant, Ottakar’s, Putney

‘A rural idyll populated by characters who slipped unnoticed from Cold Comfort Farm and a tweedy author in retreat; ingredients for a delightful and charming novel. But also a deeply audacious one, as the nature of Mr Golightly’s great work becomes clear and Salley Vickers slips from comedy to metaphysics with her customary ease and grace.’ Kate Thomson, Waterstone’s, Shrewsbury

‘Vickers’ third novel radiates charm through its eclectic cast of down-to-earth characters; and none more so than the eponymous and enigmatic Mr Golightly – a character quite unlike any other in English literature. His very presence in the village of Great Calne is a catalyst for a miraculous chain of events to rival those of the international bestseller he has written many years ago.
Mr Golightly is at his finest when he is at the height of his normalcy – addicted to coffee, enjoying walks on the moors, baffled by e-mails, and unsure what to say. But, ultimately, it is the tragic loss of his son that lies at the heart of his character, and the novel; his inability to understand what happened, and why this is the greatest challenge he has ever faced.’ Rob Whitehouse, Books Etc., Solihull

‘Salley Vickers’ latest novel is deeply satisfying. At its heart there is a true recognition of all aspects of human nature and capability. The characters are drawn with empathy and wisdom. Whilst I think of Salley Vickers’ novels as the perfect holiday accompaniment, they could never be considered lightweight because of the profundity of the subject matter, but maybe the ‘‘holiday’’ feeling stems from what we learn about life through reading these books.’ Melanie Jones, Waterstone’s, Stratford-upon-Avon

‘This is a very clever yet delightful book. Unusual and quirky and highly enjoyable. Perfect for a holiday read.’ Fiona Duck, Ottakar’s, Sutton Coldfield

‘A beautiful and clever novel.’ Tina Shergold, Waterstone’s, Sutton

‘A novel which provokes intelligent discussion as we are all on a theological odyssey.’ Rowena Tonge, Borders, Stockport

‘Salley Vickers transports the reader directly to the atmosphere and natural beauty of Dartmoor, which provides the backdrop against which sophisticated spiritual themes and the drama of ordinary lives are vividly depicted.’ Natasha Church, Bookstop, Tavistock

‘This is a novel which is as good as anything Salley Vickers has produced before. With well observed dialogue and a fascinating central character, it never fails to keep you turning the pages. Anyone who has attempted to find time to do anything creative will empathise with Mr Golightly’s predicament. All of this, plus the succulent, rolling prose made this a real pleasure to read.’ Mark Farey, Waterstone’s, Winchester

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