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A painful case of broken ribs played a part in the genesis of Salley Vickers’ seventh novel The Cleaner of Chartres

7th September 2012

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Fantasy's power to cast a spell on us

November 2012

REAL fairy tales aren’t mawkish, they contain all the brutality of human life, says Salley Vickers.

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Five-minute Memoir: Salley Vickers on first-job hell

3rd November 2012

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Interview with James Kidd, The Independent on Sunday

21st October 2012

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The Writers Festival, Perth

March 2010

Hear Salley talk about the therapeutic vale of novels with author Patrick Gale at the Writers Festival, Perth

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Interview with Jonathan Ruppin. Foyles Books

July 2009

Q. The story interweaves Violet’s past and present. Do you write the two strands separately or concurrently?

A. No, I wrote the strands concurrently, always waiting in the present strand to see what would be thrown up from the past. I had no idea myself what had happened to Violet, or what the nature of the rift with Edwin was. So it was intriguing to find this out as I wrote. I never do know what is going to happen or what has happened in my books.

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BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour

8 July 2009

Salley Vickers’ first novel was a ‘word of mouth’ sensation. Just one thousand imprints of Miss Garnet’s Angel were originally published – to date it has sold over a million copies. Salley’s latest novel ‘Dancing Backwards’ is set aboard a cruise ship. It tells the story of Violet, as she travels to New York, to meet an old friend she betrayed years before. Salley Vickers joins Jenni to discuss her latest book and why she hates the cult of the author.

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'From Couch.... to Ballroom’ Salley Vickers talks about her latest novel ‘Dancing Backwards’

Observer Review 5 July 2009, Lisa O’Kelly

Ex-therapist Salley Vickers has always based her characters on parts of herself, she tells Lisa O'Kelly. In her new novel she has them all dancing at sea

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My Philosophy

Interview with philosopher Julian Baggini

Philosophers imploring the rest of the world to pay more attention to them will often say in chorus that the questions they deal with are of fundamental and profound interest to any reflective person. True, but that doesn't clinch their case. Philosophy as we know it is a combination of this perennial subject matter and a particular type of reasoned approach to it. But others tackle the same questions in different ways, ways which are perhaps more fruitful for the non-academic.

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Author Salley Vickers explains why Freud got it all wrong about Oedipus

The Independent, 4 November 2007, Suzi Feay.

Salley Vickers is the latest author to take up the invitation from Canongate publishers to update a famous myth for a new audience. Her choice of Oedipus could not be more apt. A former psychotherapist, though Jungian rather than Freudian, she's been fascinated by the story since she first read it at school aged 17.

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Listen to Salley Vickers on Open Book talking to Mariella Frostrup about ‘The Other Side of You’

BBC Radio 4, April 9 2006

Novelist Salley Vickers talks to Mariella Frostrup about her new book The Other Side of You, which was inspired by Caravaggio's painting The Supper at Emmaus

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Salley Vickers talks about her first novel, ‘Miss Garnet’s Angel ‘at the international conference ‘The Sprit of Things’

13 March 2005, Rachael Kohn

The English writer Iris Murdoch, suggested that art is ‘the final cunning of the human soul which would rather do anything than face the gods’. Salley Vickers probably wouldn’t agree. All three of her novels, Miss Garnet’s Angel, Instances of Number Three, and Mr Golightly’s Holiday, have a spiritual theme. She’s our first speaker.

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Salley Vickers, psychoanalyst turned novelist ,talks to Clare Colvin about her third novel ‘Mr Golightly’s Holiday’

Independent, 23 August, 2003

An author's note at the back of Mr Golightly's Holiday reveals that its writing arose out of a period of turmoil. Salley Vickers, whose third novel this is, had been working on a different book when "events cut the threads of my concentration, so that book was set aside in the distractions of the personal drama I found myself acting in.

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